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their shots, fair and unfair at president obama and his administration. but by any viewing this was not a good week for the president. second terms always have their rough patches but history shows they can be overcomed and mr. mr. obama has never shied from a crisis. however the usually hands-on president seemed unaware of problems, and in one case just plain left out of the loop. what is a leader looking towards a legacy to do about it? >> as software glitches on the affordable care act website persist, and allied nation phone following comes to line. the president was on a high seen as above that particular political fray, but it didn't last long. according to a journal pol poll just 42% of americans approve of the president's job performance, an all-time low for president obama, indicating frustration with how he's leading the country . the signature policy the affordable air act launched. frustrated users and members of congress are pushing for answers. >> healthcare reform in this state was a success. it doesn't mean that it was perfect right away. there were early problems to solve. the
. >> president obama paying tribute today to president john f. kennedy. a short time ago he laid a wreath where kennedy is buried in arlington national cemetery. before that he an awarded the highest nation's honor created just before jfk's death. >> reporter: a number of comments running through both of these ceremonies. it's really quite interesting. let's start with arlington. it walate november 1963, presidt kennedy was interred in arlington cemetery. he was supposed to be buried in the family plot, or it was thought initially. the family plot in massachusetts. purelily happenstance, there had been no other president buried there, the president ended up there where we now see the internal flame which was inspired by something that jackie saw in paris, it now draws visitors from around the world. bill clinton had met kennedy as a young man, shaking president kennedy's hand in the rose garden in the early 60s, and then president obama, who of course, gained the endorsement of the kennedy family, edward kennedy, who is interred next to his brother, and caroline kennedy, as it happens, was inst
ability to exercise what little power it had left, to block president obama's judicial nominees. frustrated with the g.o.p.'s long list of obstructive judges and agency heads, the move by the democrats upended 225 years of senate history, and significantly alters the day-to-day operation of the upper chamber. we'll talk about it all on this edition of "inside story." but fist this background. >> the american people believe congress is broken. the american people believe the senate is broken. and i believe the american people are right. at the start of the session, harry reid made history, and called for a rule change that would allow an up or down vote or judicial nominations and executive decisions. >> the change would ensure nominations and up or down vote, on confirmation. yes, no. the rule change will make all nominations other than the supreme court a majority threshold vote. yes or no. the senate is a living thing. and to survive it must change as it has over the history of this great country. to the average american, adapting the rules to make the senate work again is jus
. >> changing his health care plan. bowing to pressure from the right and the lost president obama says americans -- and the left president obama says americans can keep their policies even if they don't meet the law's requirements. >> this is not a big game, but the game is not over >> a survey by the associated press finds more than 4.2 million americans buy their own health insurance received cancellation notices. a week after one of the worst storms on record officials in the philippines are burying victims in mass graves. the official death toll from typhoon haiyan is more than 4400. more than 800,000 are homeless. >> toronto's embattled mayor, rob ford under pressure to resign, he had to apologise for using obscene language, whilst denying making sexual advance tos a female counsellor. that's the news at this hour. see you back here at 11 eastern, 8 pacific time. "consider this" is next. [ ♪ theme ]. >>> the president promising fixes on his troubled health care plan, "consider this" - the white house, if they can't get it right in 3.5 years, will another year make is different?
.c. >> is palmresident obama treated differently to any other president. we saw senate democrats using phil busters to stop george bush's nominees, and delaying by years confirmations by others. >> it is a difference. he is being treated in a different way. the republicans virtually every day that they are here, and they are not here all that many days given the meagre workload of the united states congress, seem to be bent on blocking president barack obama at virtually every turn. here on an issue most constituent don't know about and if they knew wouldn't care. it's a simply politics, trying to block barack obama. it's not to say the republicans are laying down and being a rubber-stamp. what played out is the opposite. as an example, during the term of gw bush, he had six nominees to the same important court. four got through with considerable democratic support. barack obama had five nominees to the court, and four up to this point have been blocked. >> that happened after there was a major deal between democrats and republicans and after substantial phil busters. it wasn't as if the democrats
compromises, and hard decisions. this can be achieved. president obama sees the road ahead as do i. >> and kerry also met today with palestinian leader in bethlehem. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is here to try to bring the palestinian and israel negotiators closer after direct talks started and were relaunched between the two sides since the end of july. it's going to be a very difficult task because so far the pal stinance and israelis have held 16 meetings without achieving any break through. one official described the israeli stance as the worst in 20 years. since these talks began, israel as either approved or announced tenders for building an additional 5,000 new housing units in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and jerusalem. and according to palestinian officials as well the israelis are being very difficult, they are not willing to make any concessions. they say they want jerusalem as the unified capitol of israel and they don't want to grant the right of return to any palestinian refugee, and they want the palestinians to recognize israel as a je
of president obama's judicial contaminations moving forward. >> dell, republicans block these nominations, and democrats are furious. they say they are non-controversial amroi non-controversial -- appointments. take a listen to senator reid. >> during this congress, the 113th congress, the united states has wasted an unprecedented amount of time on procedural hurdles and partisan obstruction. as a result, the work of this country goes undone. congress should be passing legislation that strengthens our economy, protects american families. instead we're burning wasted hours and wasted days between filibusters. >> so the nuclear option means it would take the simple majority to overcome this filibuster threat. you think about senator rand paul doing a marathon talk session on the senate floor. often it is just the threat of a filibuster that holds up something. this is getting a bit of a derisive response from republican, both because they thought senator reid has been bluffing, but also because they say he is trying to change the conversation from healthcare to this. >> in other words they
cuccinelli should have won virginia, why? because obama is very unoh popular in virginia. his popularity dropped by a large number percentage of the vote from 2009 to today. in that situation with obama still unpopular in virginia it should have been an easy republican win. it wasn't because the tea party which is what cuccinelli is closely associated with just doesn't sell in a swing state like virginia. >> let's focus on christie for a second. he has captured the attention of the country. he knows it goes beyond new jersey. here he is on the last night of the campaign. >> you want someone who you elected to office to look you in the eye and tell you the truth even if you don't like the truth being told. that's the jersey way. i know in my heart that what is going to happen tomorrow night is going to send a message not only to everyone in new jersey. tomorrow night america is going to be watching new jersey. >> he calls himself a conservative. most of us see him as a moderate, most analysts do. is that the difference between him and cuccinelli, does the moderate winning of the republica
to the lawmakers, congress, that president barack obama doesn't have the authority to name this happen and he won't enforce the own law that he wrote. >> if the rules goes into effect is it just kicking the can down the road a year, because the insurance companies could cancel the policies next year and you'd be back to square one. >> right. we'll be in the same situation next year. people will have had a year's warning, but people had warning leading up to this year. i don't think more time to prepare is what the consumers are looking for. again, under the president's plan, if it took effect, they'd be in the same situation, next thing. >> you mentioned the push back from the insurance companies. public officials, the insurance commissioner in kansas. others say it can't be done. jim donno lan, the president of the national association of insurance commissioners and louisiana - these are public officials, not insurance companies and they are saying: >> i guess the question is what happens to the people who had their policies cancelled, if their old insurance companies decide they can't or won't
. president obama awards the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, 50 years after it was created by jfk. >>> negotiations and concessions, world powers trying to make a deal on iran's nuclear program. >>> and congress trying to pass a bill that could change the way that sexual assault cases are handled in the military. ♪ >>> two days before the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination, president obama will pay tribute to his legacy. he'll award the presidential medal of freedom, and head to arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at president kenne kennedy's grave. mike how are the recipients chosen? >> the president does have these two ceremonies on his schedule today. one joyful, the other solum. how are the honorees chosen, well, the president has a big say so. but basically these are people who have had meritorious contributions to american society, whether it be sports, entertainment, the sciences, jurises here, civil rights activists. it is obviously the nation's highest civilian honor. and in the grandest stage that this old
. if the obama administration wants to make sure that iran never builds a bomb a lot more has to happen. that means satisfying iran talks from both sides accidental of the discontent in tehran not to mention the discontent in jerusalem. even the years between iran and it's neighbors and the west , first, this background. >> reporter: word of agreement to the west appeared as a victory to many iranians. crowd chants no war, no sanctions, no insults, no submission as iran's negotiator foreign minister returned to iran a hero . >> this makes iranians proud. thanks to these meetings people have been happy over the last couple of days because they're overcoming their problems. >> reporter: iranians see the agreement as an end to the chokehold of sanctions long endured. >> we're very optimistic with these relations being forged our lives can go back to how they were before. it's very nice and desirable to have relations with other countries after ten years. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry announced over the weekend an agreement in which iran would halt major components of its n
after pills. week after pills. president obama has defended the president obama has defended the contraception mandate portion of contraception mandate portion of the law but the administration the law but the administration has allowed some exceptions. has allowed some exceptions. >> it's good for our healthcare >> it's good for our healthcare system in general because we system in general because we know the overall cost of care is know the overall cost of care is lower when women have access to lower when women have access to contraceptive services. contraceptive services. and listen, we recognize that and listen, we recognize that many people have strongly held many people have strongly held religious views on religious views on contraception. contraception. which is why we made sure which is why we made sure churches and other houses of churches and other houses of worship, they don't have to worship, they don't have to provide it. provide it. they don't have to paid for it. they don't have to paid for it. >> when it was announced the >> when it was announced the supreme
siegenthaler in new york. health care corrections. president obama's latest fix for a broken promise, why republicans say it's not enough. a week later the disaster in the philippines, the despair for typhoon survivors, and the rising death toll. we'll take you live to the center of the catastrophe >> justice denied, why evidence is unexamined tore years in thousands of -- for years in thousands of rape cases. >> using the force. it's open call for the inter-galactic set - we go inside the auditions for the next star wars movie. >>> we begin with president obama's damage control for his health care plan. he's under pressure and under fire over the law he championed and has to change. the latest fix is a big one, the president says insurers can reinstate the millions of policies they cancelled, but they are not forced to do so. new customers will not be able to sign up for the plans. all this comes as the house vote is scheduled tomorrow on a republican-backed bill allowing insurers to sell existing plans for everyone. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> it was a remarkable app
. the fda is banning transfats. >> there has been an apology from president obama. the president says he is sorry to the millions of americans that are losing their healthcare plans because the coverage don't doesn't meet the requirements mandated by the affordable care act. the president has been saying for years if he the they like tr plans they can keep them. will see you back here at 11:00 eastern and 8:00 west edmonton:. the fda takes a hit on obese tea. owety. owe obesity of is this a band-aid on a far larger problem? >> john kerr kerry announces a l in geneva. >>> j why did that documentary never see the light of day in america? the block buster director and sir jackie stewart will join us with that story. >>> i'm antonio mora we begin with this your health and the fda. most people know that transfats can be really bad for you. now the food and drug administration has put out a propos al thaal that could see transfats banned from the diet they raise bad cholesterol and they have no known health benefit or safety limit. to understand the significance of the proposal i'm joined by d
for you. iraq's prime minister meeting with president obama in washington asking for help and weapons to fight al-qaeda. >>> just a handful of people signed up for obamacare in the first days it was launched. and secretary of state john kerry admitting that the nsa went too far in its spying program. ♪ >>> iraq prime minister spending another day in washington making the rounds today. he visits the white house. he is going to be meeting with president obama asking for help ending the violence he says has killed thousands of iraqis so far this year. mike viqueira is live at the white house. mike how can the u.s. help with this situation in iraq? >> there is no question there is a great deal of concern that iraq is sliding towards another civil war. the unitedations without a report today, more than 900 iraqis killed last month alone. among them, 852 civilians. another estimate has 5,000 iraqis killed since april as the country slides into more strife. the question is who is responsible? and this is his third day in washington and many believe this is not sectarian strife. many suspec
and a half president obama set to speak to tribal leaders. they're in washington to discuss several important issues including education, healthcare and protecting native lands. more than a dozen cabinet secretaries are going to be at that meeting. why is this event so significant? >> well, president obama has been having these white house tribal nation conferences for five years. this sort of thing just wasn't happening. oftentimes when the federal government talked to tribes, tribes felt it was a talking down to, rather than face-to-face meetings where they could have an conversation. the white house is trying to change that and they've established a council on native american affairs. but many officials acknowledge that there are painful past that is have to be made up for. >> today, today we declare that we must never forget, we must never deny the injustice that for decades upon decades was inflicted on native peoples. we affirm that this painful past has risen to self determination. >> attorney general eric holder addressed violence in indian country something very important to many tri
and are, also president obama comes out in favor of a minimum wage that will extra money mean some unemployment for others. can a soap opera help a nation heal? we will hear from two of the unusual show's stars. i'm antonio mora. welcome to consider this. high hopes for a break through for world leaders in geneva, the concern is does it give iran too much for too little? president obama is optimistic. >> we don't have to trust them. what we have to do is make sure that there is a good deal in place from the perspective of us verifying what they're doing, we can test it. >> for more i'm johnny damon by trita parsi, the president of the national iranian american council and here in new york is nathan carlson, served with the george w. bush administration, of the group united against iran. john kerry's trip to geneva, and are sergesergey lavrov is joinie group. do we have a deal? >> we are 90% chance of a deal. particularly folks who got us into iraq complaining about obama doing something that could be problematic, i feel it difficult to believe to be completely frank with you. it's
that performs late-term abortions. >> president obama is under pressure over the health care law. a report saying the administration new of flaws last spring. at a hearing on capitol hill the top official said 30% has not been built. republicans say healthcare.gov is a security risk who try to enrol. >> tuesday marks the 150th anniversary of the gettysburg address. thousands of people honoured the address. president obama said he sometimes walks to lincoln's office to look at the original copy. >> those are the headlines, "consider this" is up next on al jazeera america. ♪ >> after 12 years hundreds of billions of dollars spent and more than 2,000 american soldiers killed, the war in afghanistan was supposed to be wrapping up. but if the war in afghanistan is truly winding down, why are we now reportedly committing to leave thousands of troops there for at least another decade? and also a tragic attack on one of virginia's most prominent politicians once again casts a harsh light on the mental health system. and did you ever ask youst if you could beat your child in a footrace? a new stu
the powers of the nsa and edward snowden is now. offering to help germany. >> and president obama shook hands with the leader of iraq for the first time in two years. >> secretary of state john kerry is conceding that some u.s. spying has gone too far. kerry was speaking at a conference in london. he was defending the programs but the white house has concluded that reviews and changes are needed. >> in some cases i acknowledge as does the president some of these actions have reached too far and we are going to make sure that that doesn't happen in the future. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are taking up the spying being a at this times. the senate committee has limited how long the nsa can keep their data record. records. the bill will expand penalties for illegal spying. it falls short from real reform. >> one of the critics is journalist dplejournalist glen . the more information you collect about innocent people the harder it is to actually find the people that actually mean to do you harm. and the metaphor that surveillance officals use they are hooking for a needle in the hay stack. the la
from california to north carolina. president obama is optimistic about the deal to slow iran's nuclear program and if tehran follows through he says it will chip away at years of miss trust between the u.s. and iran. >> we cannot close the door on diplomacy and cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict and tough talk and bluser may be easy to do politically but not the right thing for security. >> reporter: called on iran to restrict its nuclear program and stop enriching uranium and dulute uranium and it would unfreeze accounts that hold $4 billion in iranian oil revenue. saudi arabia is welcoming the iran nuclear deal, a statement from the saudi cabinet said if there is good will it will be an initial step of reaching a comprehensive solution for iran's nuclear program and they hope it goes to removing weapons on the middle east and it strained relations between u.s. and the ally. the zero option is back on the table in afghanistan. president obama's national security advisor is telling the country's presid
stories. the obama administration reportedly new about problems with healthcare.gov as early as last spring. the white house admitteds there were red flags. president obama said there were technical and procurement issues that should have been anticipated. >>> two bombs exploded near the iranian embassy in beirut. at least 23 people were killed. the double suicide attack appear to be the latest in a string of bombings linked to the war in syria. >>> new york is about to become the first city in the nation to raise the legal smoking age. michael bloomberg signed legislation banning the sale of tobacco products to people under 21. >>> and today marks the 150th on anniversary of the gettiesberg address. nows of people honored the speech at events all over the country. "consider this" is antonio mora is up next. i'm john siegenthaler i'll see you back here at 11:00 eastern, 8:00 pacific time. and you can always get the latest on aljazeera.com. ♪ ♪ >> after 12 years hundreds of billions of dollars spent and more than 2,000 american soldiers killed, the war in afghanistan was supposed
>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. honoring jfk. president obama set to lay a wreath at his grave in just a few moments. negotiations and concessions. world powers arriving in geneva around iran's nuclear program, and new abortion law, one of the toughest in the country. president obama honored 16 individuals a short while ago with the nation's highest honor. the presidential medal of freedom ceremony coming two days before the 90 anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. kennedy created the award but didn't live to bestow any. mike viqueira is at the white house, mike, 16 awards given. three of those people no longer with us, and one unable to attend. >> a welcome break from the poisonous atmosphere in washington, remembers of the sports world, the entertainment world as well, one of my person favorites, arturo sandoval, and ernie banks still i have a 1969 card still. it was a joyous occasion in the east room. the president honoring so many people, and so a great event, and now we are awaiting the presidential motorcade to de part with bill c
care website. you may recall it had a problematic roll out to say the least. a senior obama or official said that it's easier to sign up now. the website will be running smoothly for most people by the end of november. the election day across america. several of the nation's largest cities are voting on mayor, in virginia and new jersey where they are electing governors. we invite you to go to www.aljazeera.com where you can follow stories on the key races. there is also a blog with updates on the voting, and later this evening results as they come in. i'm tony harris in new york. we have got more news coming up for you in a full bulletin in the mechanics hour, but "inside story" is next al jazeera. >> stalemate in syria and nations in the gulf are pushing for their own influence in the region. you're watching "inside story" from washington. hello, i'm libby casey. it's gone on and on, and shows no clear end the war in syria between president bashar al-assad forces and a myriad of rebel groups and islamist fight whose want to see him out of power. there are talks while offering small he
. america pays tribute to its veterans as we wait for president obama to lay a wreath at the arlington national cemetery. rescue workers try to get relief to the survivors of typhoon haiyan in the wake of devastation there. >>> and talks with iran ends without an agreement, and now they're talking about even tougher sanctions. >> today is veteran's day. it is the day that we honor the services of those survive in thd forces. you're seeing a live scene from arlington's cemetery where president obama is expected to lay a wreath at the too many of the unknowns. [ nationa [ national anthem ] [ the national anthem ] [ drums ] [ "taps" ] [ "taps" ] >> the president laying a wreath at the too many of the unknown. it's a somber ceremony that takes place each year at this time. the president pays homage to the soldiers who died in wars past and ongoing whose names are not known. you're looking at the honor guard to their left is what is called the mat, the soldiers who parole the too many walk 21 steps south down the black mat, which is laid across the too many. they turn and face east towards
. but pressure is mounting on the obama administration as congress and including some in the senate want to keep pressure on iran and not lift crippling sanctions. will there be a deal? with all the time and effort it's hard to know. >> reporter: in a closed-door meeting with members of the senate wednesday, vice president joe biden and secretary of state john kerry tried to convince a congressional committee further sanctions on iran would upset the new relationship. but congress remained skeptical. >> we believe that sanctions in the threat of military force is the only way that will bring the iranians to the table. >> reporter: john kerry's plea for understanding comes day after the u.s. iran and high-powered diplomats from china, russia, britain, germany and france were at the table. they met in geneva for talks. the summit aimed as controlling iran's nuclear capabilities in exchange for easing sanctions. the first such talks involving the u.s. in nearly a decade. the u.s. and its allies saw tougher terms for iran and it's nuclear program especially the iraq heavy water plant. iran insists t
. >>> the affordable care act has been costing president obama and his party dearly. they are using the failed healthcare.gov launch to gain votes for 2016. >> reporter: political chatter about what is happening in washington is as familiar as the summer charm of main street. >> 90% of people up there do not have a clue of what is going on in the united states. >> reporter: in the foothills of appalachians, rome is home to conservative congressman tom graves. he voted to continue the government shutdown. he can find plenty of supporters in rome who blame the president for failures in government. >> there are people who would be naturally disposed to opposing him and it's one of the things that help to energy the tea party in its early days. >> reporter: here in rome there is an overall lack of confident in washington. specifically with the president of the united states. but that is not really surprising. back in 2012 his opponent mitt romney won this region by more than 73% of the popular vote. now the it plays out on the affordable healthcare website. >> i think it has hurt him tremendously
in jalalabad beat an effigy of president obama. >> we do not want them in our land. we want invaders from our country at the soonest condition. we consider anyone who signs this agreement as a traitor. >> reporter: they must wait to hear what decisions are being made on their behalf. decisions that could change the future of their country. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> another section of a supermarket collapsed today in latvia. you can see workers are inside when this happened. more than 50 people died in the original collapse that happened during peak shopping hours. the collapse happened in the capital of riga. the latvian president is call this disaster murder. >>> a pipeline explosion in china that sprung a leak yesterday and soon after exploded. three pipelines in the area have been shut off until they can pass safety checks. local environmental protections say oil is flowing out and contaminating the nearby area. >>> it's been two weeks since typhoon haiyan tore through the philippines and it has been a struggle oh getting people in need the things they need. >> ther
between the u.s. and iran since the 1979 iranian revolution. president obama hailed the agreement as the most significant and tangible progress of a diplomatic campaign. >> today that xloema diplomacy opened up a new path that we can verify iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> let's bring in white house correspondent mike viqueira. mike, six months, that's the extent of this deal. what are world leaders hoping will happen during that time? >> reporter: at the end of that time, they are hoping they can come to a larger deal that will prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. they have instittuted steps that they believe will present iran from turning the corner. they call it "a breakout" to take the uranium and plutonium and turning it into a nuclear weapon. under the provisions of this deal, they would halt enrichment of uranium above five %. they would dilute at a time uranium they have 20% and make that inoperable. there will be no additional 7 triv fuse. that a great deal of criticism. many people who are against this deal called it
♪ ♪ >> secretary thsecretary of stay has made a agreement with iran. president obama hailed the deal as a victory for diplomacy. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. let's bring in white house corse upocorrespondent mike viqueira. so, mike, this is a six month deal. what are the leaders hoping to get out of this. >> to prevent iran from investigate developing a nuclea. and during the six months during the negotiations that are going to follow towards this goal. the permanent five members of the united nations plus germany have struck this deal with iran to sharply curtail their nuclear capability. in the meantime as they try to negotiate this deal. this is the compromise. what the deal will do is halt the iranian enrichment. they have pledged to halt their enrichment above a 5% threshold. above that you have weapons-grade your rai uranium t can be quickly converted into new colounuclear wemtion. weapons there will be no additional sentr sens cen
-old american's alleged apology to north korea. >>> and today is the self imposed deadline that president obama promised the healthcar healthcare.gov website will be working for most people. >>> syria's civil war continues to hos flood into neighbor countries. 2.2 million people have thread syria and taken up in other countries. many are living in camps of plastic tents to protect them from the elements. we have reports from camps in jordan. >> reporter: thermal blankets and clothing distribution has just started at this camp. you can see behind me there are hundreds of refugee who is are queuing to receive these items on the first day of direction, which is always stress busy. the high thermal blankets are a valuable commodity, especially important for residents and refugee who is are still living inside plastic tents and have much less protection from the rain and the cold and the wind in the winter. now aid agencies are also distributing clothing kits for babies and children up to the age of five. what you see in these boxes behind me includes enough winter clothing for 24,000 children. now
. >> a critical comment a problem for president obama. why bill clinton says if you like your health care plan, you should keep it. >> are you on cholesterol medication, you may be - drastic changes on who gets the job and who doesn't. >> a video game designed to find a perfect employee - how some companies are using it to evaluate job applicants. [ ♪ theme ] >>> good morning and welcome to al jazeera america. a glimmer of hope for survivors of typhoon haiyan. philippines' officials say all major roads damaged by the storm are passable. it's welcome news to relief and rescue workers who have been struggling to deliver aid since last weekend. there's a sense of urgency to get supplies out fast as conditions are worsening across the battered country. in village after village families are begging for basic necessities - some standing on the side of roads with signs saying, "please help us", turning pleas for help into looting for food, water and medicine. here is where the worst damage is - in the central philippines the devastation stretches from leyte, to tacloban, and palay. also to cebu. w
of baltimore to try to find out why, in the inner city neighborhoods of obama's america, life for so many young african american men continues to be a fight for survival. (crowd applause) >> and we know that it's these crimes that gave us a bad reputation as a dangerous place and, for too long, instilled the deep-seated fear that drove families away. >> baltimore's mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is delivering her annual state of the city address. >> it's not time to celebrate. >> her words are combative. the population of baltimore -the largest city in the state of maryland - has been shrinking for decades. mayor rawlings-blake wants to grow it again by 10,000 families within the next 10 years. >> let there be no doubt: the state of our city is now better, safer, and stronger. (crowd applause) >> for all the talk of declining crime rates, baltimore is still one of the deadliest cities in the united states. >> are they still talking about it? >> it's 1:45 pm and a man has been shot. >> we've just heard about another shooting incident in the city baltimore so we're on our way to the crime scene n
is department is the bown the bown administration is administration is bowrm bowrm obama obama administration, in terms of administration, in terms of policy related to syria and iran policy related to syria and iran the white house has had iron the white house has had iron control of that through hilary control of that through hilary clinton and john corey. clinton and john corey. who's going to be interested who's going to be interested in in john kerry? john kerry? >> but really he's had more >> but really he's had more break throughs that hillary had break throughs that hillary had in the four years she was in the four years she was there. there. >> to be fair, they are >> to be fair, they are different people. different people. his risk taking which is his his risk taking which is his hallmark will seem wise. hallmark will seem wise. she is a more prudent she is a more prudent person. person. hillary clinton is this hillary clinton is this voracious reared and she would voracious reared and she would read all the briefing papers, read all the briefing papers, john kerry does not read thr
, healthcare and protecting native lands. president obama spoke to the group. libby casey joins us now from washington where the president is still speaking. what are we hearing from the president? >> reporter: that's right. he's speaking right here inside the interior department where thousands of tribal leaders have come from as far away from alaska and hawai'i to hear from president obama obama. reauthorizing the violence against women act which means they can try non-tribal members against. tribal members. he also talked about some of the hardships that are being confronted right now. let's hear the president. >> we've got to stop the self-inflicted wounds in washington because for many tribal nations this year's harmful sequestration cuts, many are all feeling the squeeze. that's why i'm fighting for a responsible budget that invests in things we need to grow like education, job training affordable housing and transportation, including for native american communities. >> reporter: now the sequestration cuts that went into affect last spring, a lot of social welfare programs were exempt
's objections. congress wants to know what went wrong. >> they are not the numbers the obama administration hoped for. the just obvious 106,000 americans signed up for health plans, 75% through the state of this run websites. a quarter, fewer than 27,000 used the federal exchange. house speaker john boehner called the law a rolling calamity that must be scrapped. the administration faced tough questions were republicans about the bungled roll out. >> this was a monumental mistake to go live and effectively explode on the launch pad. >> on the other side of the aisle democrats say republicans want nothing more than to dismantle the affordable care act known as obamacare. >> nobody in the country believes that republicans want to fix the website. >> caught in the crossfire two technology officials, questioned about why after years of work and rhundreds of millions, the website was not tested. >> it was designed, implemented and testified. >> todd park, the u.s. chief technolo technolo technology officer the white house insisted he was too busy to come to capitol hill. >> healthcare.gov can ha
that the worldwide has been rough so far. and i think everybody understands that i'm not happy. >> president obama promises fixing for the affordable care act, and announces a big change for people who could lose their insurance. >> money, supplies and volunteers are flowing toward the philippines but nearly after week after the storm, getting it to the hardest hit areas is very dangerous. and it is a holy day, over 3 million people coming together in iran, a gathering which was illegal under sue dam hussein. you know this already, it has been a if you have few week for president obama's healthcare reform law. the website was trouble from the very beginning. and millions of people are receiving cancellation notices from their insurance companies. today the president said he is moving to fix the problems with his signature legislation. mike mccara joins us now from the white house, mike, what is the president proposing? is he about to change the law. >> well, he is going to make an alteration to it, and it is about the second time he has done that. republicans say he can't do it, but they are going
's dysfunction, i think all of us agree we would be a lot further along. >> president obama under fire for the health care fiasco, facing any questions and the site's security. >>> beirut bombing, the deadly attack targeting the iranian embassy. >>> up in smoke, new york's tough new stand on young americans lighting up. what the ban means for big tobacco. >> four score and seven years ago -- >> tonight 150 years to the day that changed everything. ♪ >>> we begin tonight with questions of confidence and credibility at the white house. the president is getting hammered day after day over the rocky rollout over the health care website. today it was warned that the website is a security risk to americans. we begin with mike viqueira at the white house. mike? >> john, if it's a scandal it is not necessarily of who knew what when, it's a scandal of government inneptude. today this morning on the front of the "washington post," a leak that ended up having a hearing, a document six months before the law from mackenzie and company, a private outside consultant warning of some of the problems
the evening. >> in washington, health care headaches for barack obama. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> there are questions about who knew what when, in terms. troubled rollout and the problems for healthcare.gov over the last six months. it's a government inept attitude problem, threatening to undermine public confidence in the enterprise, not to mention a political disaster. a new revelation, a consulting firm six months before the launch, mckenzie&company had a meeting with the government and outlined the problems, predicting many glitches - more than glitches that brought disaster in the words of administration officials - inefficient testing, no set targets. the president was briefed about the report, but they reported in reaction to the report no one could have anticipated, they say, the size and scope of the problems faced by this website and the rollout of the affordable care act. president obama was across town at a forum sponsored by the "wall street journal" and was asked about his troubled law. >> we probably underestimated the complexities of building out a websit
obama ma when he proposed such a change. >> it is the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party, and the millions of americans who asked us to be their voice, i fear that already partisan atmosphere in washington will be poison today the point where no country will be able to agree on anything. after the nomination, went forward with 55 votes. judicial nominees to each parties political base, and with the president sinking in the polls is roll out, republicans say the move was a blatant attempt to change the subject. >> millions of americans are hurting because of a laforceed upon them, and what do they do about it? laycock up some fake fight over judges. a fake fight over judges. >> now, here is the statistic that had the president and the democrats so frustrated. it is all about judicial nomination and some cabinet level appointees. but the service an arm of the congress has this statistic. out of the 168 motions ever filed in order to end a filibuster, 82 -- 49% of them, were made during the obama administration. just in the last 4 1/2 years. what about oth
with 51 votes snowed of 60 required. >> harry reid and president obama after the vote insisted the change was necessary to end what they called the republican obstructionism and get the government moving. >> today we are on the side of the problem solvers. everyone knows that what is going on is unfair and wrong. i'm glad we have changed it. >> the pattern of obstruction is not normal, notway the founders envisioned. it is not obstruction on qualifications. it's to gum up the works. >> an unhappy senate minority leader mitch mcconnell denied he was interested in retribution, but had a warning for democrats. >> you'll regret it, and maybe sooner than you think. i'm joined by washington d.c. by bill schneider, and sure r, senior fellow at the think tank third way. thank you both for being with us. bill, when we talked about this, it's an stream move. when we discussed it none of us thought it would happen this quickly. will there be an explosion of ill will that will deepen the party divide. >> it can hardly get more ill than this year. >> what we will see is guerilla warfare. republicans w
and the opposition to it from republicans and democrats. president obama is pushing back, telling congress that the agreement is only a first step and proves that democracy can work. >> i firmly believe in what president kennedy once said. he said let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate. i believe that. and this diplomacy backed by the unprecedented sanctions we brought on iran has brought us the progress that was achieved this weekend. >> joining us, mike viqueira. mike, there was reaction over the weekend. reaction today. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the administration were president obama on down, administration officials describe this as a first step to a larger goal to work towards six months time. that goal is to make sure that iran will never develop a nuclear weapon. there is a >> the president had key senators in last week ben rhodes, the deputy national security adviser and he spoke with al jazeera america's inside story. here's what he had to say about sanctions in congress. >> well, we said it's the sanctions that they help put in plac
expect to see major delays. >> president obama is under fire for the historic iran nuclear deal. republicans and democrats are blasting the agreement. the president is hopeful diplomacy will pay off. >> i believe in what president kennedy says. see says never negotiate out of fear and let us never fear to negotiate. this diplomacy backed by unprecedented sanctions that we brought on iran brought us the progress we achieved this weekend. >> the president is optimistic, his critics are not. >> more from mike viqueira. president obama's secretary of state john kerry and a host of officials described it as a first step towards an unemployment goal, ensuring that iran will never develop a nuclear weapon, there's sanctions in place, lasting six months. there are many in congress and elsewhere saying the deal is not enough. they don't trust iran. many are pushing for more, sanctions. they say iran will play a game. parallels will be drawn - coming to the table, getting what they want and going back to the previous behaviour. ben rhodes is the deputy national security advisor and he spo
of the state department is the bown administration i bowrm obama administration, in terms of policy related to syria and iran the white house has had iron control of that through hilary clinton and john corey. who's going to be interested in john kerry? >> but really he's had more break throughs that hillary had in the four years she was there. >> to be fair, they are different people. his risk taking which is his hallmark will seem wise. she is a more prudent person. hillary clinton is this voracious reared and she would read all the briefing papers, john kerry does not read through his briefing papers. he's more of a one man show. she is much more cautious in general. they are different people. he is a high risk high reward secretary of state. we'll see what happens with that approach. >> and she also had to be more careful because she has a political future which kerry probably does not anymore. so she may be thinking more about the white house, she may be more risk adverse. >> her aides flat deny that. it is not fair to say she was cautious. there wasn't one particular instance where sh
. >> meanwhile president obama's affordable care act suffers another blow. this time his own party's loyalty is tested. dozens of democrats backed a measure 262 to 157 votes is a sign of defection and maybe the most troubling news for the president. >> house republicans tried to chip away at the affordable care act. this bill gained more democratic reform than most, 39 votes. >> it was called a keep your health care act an obamacare fix. >> now we find out it was talk. that is what this country is fed up with, the talk coming out of washington. >> president obama announced a policy shift thursday that americans can keep health care plans next year. the house bill goes further, letting insurance companies sell plans to don't meet the basic obamacare requirements, like maternity care and equal fremantle of victims. mike doyle says it defeats the point of health care law. >> if we allow private insurance companies to sell policies discriminating against women, setting caps and life-time caps - if we allow all of those practices that every american, 80-90% of americans want in the health care sy
even though prime minister netanyahu and president obama had talked about, in the months before, that there was no secret plan to make a deal with iran for the israels, actually feel like president obama has been lying to them. >> i see. all right. that's strong. nick, appreciate it. nick schifren to discuss the diplomatic doors opened by the deal with iran is curt volume kerr. he is the formerker. he is the former. ambassador, good to talk to you? >> good to be here. >> a pleasure to have you on the program. what do you think of the deal? >> well, i think that it is us that is the west, reducing some of the sanctions that we put in place that were aimed at getting iran to eliminate its program in exchange, only for iran freezing its program. so you have all of these u.n. security council resolutions that is say that iran has to get rid of this stuff. now we are doing a deal that says they can keep it. they can keep enriching at 3 and a half percent level, keep the cenftrifuges. in exchange, we are now lifting the safrlingsz we put in place to try to get them to get rid of thatn
in afghanistan unti until 2024. >>> president obama is urging critics of the new iran nuclear agreement to give diplomacy a chance. the agreement eases sanctions against iran. in exchange for a halt in nuclear development. several in congress say the deal goes too far and it's too easy on iran and they want the sanctions to continue. those are the headlines at this hour. i'm john seigenthaler. "america tonight" with joie chen is coming up next. i'll see you back here for more news, and remember you can always get the latest news on www.aljazeera.com. >> on "america tonight" the final word on sandy hook and why a devastated community may be left with more questions than answers. also tonight, she's the teen queen of the ring. the 85-pound boxer who is knocking down stereotypes. >>> and getting fresh fruits and vegetables to people living in a food desert, a green machine, a healthy twist on fast foods. >> we stripped it down. primed it and painted it. it's not like any other bus you've ever seen. ♪ >> good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm joie chen. shy of one year since that horrible da
to aljazeera america. >> for more than a month now, the obama administration has been saying how many millions of people have visited the health care website, but they have kept quiet about exactly how many have enrolled, insisting they do not have those numbers. >> new documents show the white house has a pretty good idea. >> even the president admits healthcare.gov has problems. >> the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck. >> just how many people have gotten stuck or how many ever enrolled are figures the obama administration has been denying the public for days now. >> you have no numbers on who's enrolled? you have no idea. >> we'll have those numbers available mid november. >> white house war room notes seem to show exact enrollment numbers for the first two days were off to a slow start. the notes say by the end of the second day, only 248 people had actually enrolled nationwide. a staggering statistic, considering that the site had nearly 5 million unique visitors in the first 24 hours. the chairman of the oversight committee requested and released the war room notes.
obama spoke to a room full of advocates at the white house on thursday in hopes of bringing the senate's im grayings bill back into the -- immigration bill back into the spot light. >> it doesn't make sense to have 11 million people in this country illegally an incentive to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit ahead. >> the border security you economic opportunity and immigration modernisation act passed in the senate in june 27th. it's in the hands of the house. it features border security, doubling border patrol with a boost in funding and mandatory use of force training. a pathway to citizenship, establishing a 13-year pathway to citizen ship and includes security benchmark before they can get a green card. it increases high tech and low-skilled worker visas, requiring a workplace verification system. and law enforcement. detailing protection for workers and refugees, and what happens if an immigrant breaks the law. a poll conducted by a university a month after the bill found that 64% of americans supported the reforms. and 31% did
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